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VM - Hoping it was You [ancientfeelings]

November 2006

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shellabelle81 in hopingitwasyou

Ficlet: "Days Go By" (Veronica, Wallace) G

Title: Days Go By
Characters: Veronica, Wallace
Word Count: 428
Rating: G
Summary: Wallace meets Veronica at the airport after her plane lands in New York.
Disclaimer: The awesome Rob Thomas owns all that is Veronica Mars.
Author's Notes: spoilers up to 2.22 "Not Pictured." Also used for the "Comfortable Silence" prompt at 30_friends and the "Days" prompt at fanfic100.

“Yo, V!”

Veronica paused from dialing her father’s cell phone for the hundredth time when she heard the familiar voice behind her, and she turned around. Standing behind her was Wallace, grinning broadly.

“Hey!” she replied, dropping her luggage and hugging him tightly. “What are you doing here?”

“Your dad called me. He’d been trying to call you but you didn’t have service or whatever. Since I guess you told him I was here with Jackie, he called me and asked me to meet you here. He got caught up with a case, but he says he’ll be here.”

She grinned, thinking about how happy she was to see her best friend. She hadn’t seen him since a few days ago, when he’d bolted right after graduation. So much had happened since then it felt like a couple hundred years had past instead of only a few days.

She started to tell him about what had happened, but then thought better of it. “How are things with you and Jackie?”

“They’re good,” he replied, grabbing her luggage as they started to walk down the busy airport terminal. “She told me how you already knew about her.”

She nodded, her ponytail bouncing. “I only found out after she got the job at the Hut. I didn’t tell you ‘cause I figured it’d be better coming from her.”

“I can’t believe she lied about all that. Plus a kid.”

“Wait, she has a kid, too?”

“Yeah, he’s two. I met him, he’s a cool kid. She says that’s the main reason she decided to come back here, so I can’t be too mad at her.”

They walked in comfortable silence for a few minutes until they got outside and stood on the sidewalk to wait for a cab.

“Your dad told me about all that stuff that happened with Beaver,” Wallace said. “I can’t believe he was the one behind the crash.”

“Yeah,” she said, closing her eyes briefly, thinking about everything that had happened on the roof just a few days earlier. How she had almost lost her life, and even worst, how she had thought her father had lost his.

She shook her head. She decided not to think about it. She had already cried enough over it.

“So,” she said as a cab pulled up. “Where to now?”

“Well, the place where Jackie works sells some killer chocolate cake. Better than the Hut. And someone once told me that gorging on cake solves all problems.”

She grinned. “Well, you know I’m not gonna turn down chocolate cake.”


*grins* Any day with some Veronica and Wallace being pals fic is a great day! Love this and want to know what they talk about over cake! Also, want cake - thanks. :P