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VM - Hoping it was You [ancientfeelings]

November 2006

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Brendan - Little Boy

brendanm720 in hopingitwasyou


Title: CDEFG

Rating: G

Setting: Just after the last 20 seconds Leave It to Beaver or so.

Summary: Veronica’s visitors have an impressive group name.

Notes: Written for hopingitwasyou. I honestly have no idea where this came from. It’s a little strange.

Disclaimer: I don't own this stuff. No cash made, just fun had. I promise I won't break 'em, and I'll put 'em back in the
case when I'm done.


Having just been ripped from the strangest Lily dream yet by a knock-knock-knocking at her apartment door, Veronica Mars looked at the clock.

It read 3:07.

She made her way to the door and opened it. When she saw who it was, she smiled and said, “I was hoping it would be you.”

The elderly English lady smiled, and responded, “I know you were, dear. May we come in?”

Veronica stepped back, and the four women (Three of the four were technically girls, but who was counting) entered the apartment. She invited them to sit down and asked if she could get them anything.

They declined.

“Actually, Dear,” the spinster segued, “We’d like to offer our congratulations on solving this difficult case.”

The youngest, a curly-headed blonde of about six, injected, “We were really impressed with your investigation.”

“Flossie...” the middle girl, a brunette of about twelve, shushed the younger. “Let Miss Marple talk!”

Flossie pouted a little bit, and then mumbled, “Yes, Nan.”

“While I disapprove of your methods – a lady should never do the leg work, or anything that would put her into danger – I believe that a case could be made for you to join our organization.”

Veronica’s eyebrow went up. “What organization?”

The fourth visitor – A teenaged girl – spoke up. “The Conglomerated Diversity of Ersatz Female Gumshoes, or C. D. E. F .G.. We’re an organization made up of completely fictitious female detectives.”

“Nancy,” Miss Marple scolded. “She doesn’t know that she’s fictional yet.”

Nancy looked surprised. “She doesn’t?”


“I’m not fictional. You guys are...” she indicated the group of four sitting on her couch. “...but I am not.”

“Nan, why don’t they ever believe us when we tell them that?” Flossie asked her big sister out of curiosity.

“I dunno, Flossie. They just don’t.”

Just then, someone knocked at the door. Veronica awoke and sat up in bed.

She looked up at the clock – which read 3:07 – on her way to figure out who was pulling her out of bed at this ungodly hour.

The door opened, and Veronica saw who was standing there.

“I was hoping it would be you.”

Standing at the door was a tall man wearing a tweed cape and a deerstalker hat, a dumpy looking man in a bowler holding a doctor’s bag, a french-looking man who had a twirled handlebar mustache, and two boys about her age.

The tall man asked politely, “Miss Mars, might we come in?”


*snerks loudly*

It's the second part that really makes that fic. Nice.

Thank you, Thank you. I'll be here all week.

Hah! This is hilarious. The title - The Conglomerated Diversity of Ersatz Female Gumshoes - sounds like it was pulled right out of A Series of Unfortunate Events.
It kind of does, doesn't it?

It really isn't... I used a thesaurus to find words that meant similar things to what I wanted to say and voila.

Lemony Snicketness.
*dies laughing*

Oh man. Poirot is going to be ticked to be mistaken for a Frenchman - again.

You are a genius!! I love the dicussion of her fictional nature. Then again, I do love the "meta" fics, don't I?
Yes, Hercule will be 'le pissed'.

You are a genius!!

I am, aren't I? [huffs on fingernails and polishes them on shirt.]

Then again, I do love the "meta" fics, don't I?


Just out of curiosity, did you get all of the guests?
Let's find out - shall we?

The ladies were Mrs. Marple from the Christie novels, Nan and Flossie are the two female Bobbseys and Nancy I assume is Nancy Drew.

As for the gents - I already listed dear Hercule and I am guessing the first gentlemen is Sherlock and the second I am not recognizing. As for the young men - the fic doesn't really specify if they are the other two Bobbseys or the Hardy boys. But I would guess one or the other. :D

And Hercule will NOT be "le pissed". *grins*
Yep... You're right.

Miss Jane Marple - Obviously.

Nan & Flossie Bobbsey - Mostly Obviously.

Nancy Drew - Fairly Obvious.

Sherlock Holmes - How could it not be?

And the second gentleman is Dr. John Watson. I figured that if Holmes was there, then Watson wouldn't be too far behind.

Hercule Poirot - You are right, Mademoiselle

Actually, the fic DOES specify who the other two are. Sorta. It mentions that they were about her age, which would disqualify the Bobbseys 'cause Bert is 12 and Freddie is 6. But, your second guess is right on the money. They are Frank and Joe Hardy.

And why wouldn't Hercule be 'Le Pissed'? As he has said upon numerous occasions, he is not French!
I was objecting to the "le". ;)
Ah, but you forget...

I do not speak French.

Thank you.


All part of the service.