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VM - Hoping it was You [ancientfeelings]

November 2006

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VM - 121 Logan V Kiss

misa_05 in hopingitwasyou

Title: I was hoping it would be you
Author: misa_05
Pairing: V/ mystery guy
Rating: pg-13
Word Count:826
Spoilers: Up to the finale
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story.
Authors Notes: This was in my head and it wouldn’t get out unless I wrote it.

“I was hoping it would be you,” replied Veronica sarcastically looking at the visitor at her door.

“I just heard on the news, are you okay?”

“Not really,” she replied crossing her arms.

“Can I come in?” the visitor asked.

“Sure.” She let him in and she went to the couch and sat down. He followed her. He sat down on the opposite side of the couch and he looked at the bruises that were on her face. But that was not was he was focusing on. It was the hollowness of her eyes. He had seen it before but he had just glossed over it. He knew that the pain in her beautiful eyes were partly because of him. He knew that most of the scars that were inside of her he had a hand in giving.

“So why did you come?”she asked softly.

“I was worried.”

She looked at him in surprise.

“Why were you worried?” she asked. “You haven’t been worried about me for a long time. Hell you haven’t been nice to me in a long time.”


“No, you listen to me,” she said shouting and standing up from the couch. “You have no right to be here after everything that you put me through. God after everything that we’ve been through together how could do all of that stuff to me?”

“I don’t know, god Veronica you will never understand how sorry I am for all the pain that I caused you,” he said sadly.

“God, how could you?” she asked brokenly tears streaming down her face. “You said all those hurtful things to me. I thought that we were friends”

He got up and walked over to were she was.

“We were. Its just that when your dad went after the Kane’s it was like you betrayed me.”

“I stuck by my dad. I believed in him and guess what happened. Everyone I cared about betrayed me. I could have taken everyone to hate me and to do some things to me, but there were those select few that just destroyed me. I could have taken it from everyone, but you.”

“I know and you will never understand how sorry that I am. Its just everything happened so fast.”

“That doesn’t matter. You and I have been friends since Kindergarten. We were friends before I even knew Lilly. How could you do that to me?”

He walked over to her and tried to hug her. She pushed him away. “No don’t touch me. You lost that right a long time ago. I used go to sleep at night and I would remember everything that we had been through together and I used think if we could just go back everything would be all right. But, we can’t go back., and I finally realize that. I have learned that people you trust the most are the one’s that will hurt you. And I’m through with being hurt,” she said softly but with conviction.

He looked at her with tears in his eyes. She had always been one of his best friends. The one he went to when something went wrong in his life. When his mom wasn’t there or his dad did something. She was the one he went to, to make him smile and laugh. He knew that when he was around her everything would be all right because she would protect him and make him laugh. They had known each other forever and she was one of his best friends. She was the one who knew him the best. The one who held all his childhood secrets and he had helped destroy her and turn her into the shell that she was. There was no sign of his best friend in the girl that stood before him and he realized that the one person that he had decided he would never hurt when he was in Kindergarten was the one that he helped destroy completely. She was the one who he played soccer with and went to the beach with. She was the one that would come over just to watch stupid movies. “Veronica,” he whispered the tears beginning to finally run down his cheeks. He had only cried in front of her, because he knew she wouldn’t pity him and think him weak.

“I think you should leave,” she said softly.

He looked at her and nodded. She walked him to the door. He opened it and he walked out and turned to her.

“We used to be friends,” he said softly.

“A long time ago,” she whispered just as softly.

“Goodbye Veronica.” he said and then he walked away.

“Goodbye Dick.” she said so softly that he couldn’t hear her and she closed the door.

The End

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[raises eyebrow]

Definitely did not expect THAT ending! Poor Veronica, DIck tried to hug her...
Well, that was an interesting twist. I find it hard to believe that Veronica would ever be friends with Dick...This is seriously an intersting take though. Who knows, maybe once upon a time Dick wasn't a dick.


Well, that was probably one of the most interesting and wildest twists for the end of 'Leave It To Beaver' that I have read. Very good story. I liked the suspense you built by not revealing the person until the end. I thought your story rang true. Haven't most people known someone who turned out to be a jerk but wasn't always that way? Great story :)