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VM - Hoping it was You [ancientfeelings]

November 2006

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girlatrockshow5 in hopingitwasyou

Title: No Man is an Island

Pairing: Logan/Veronica

Rating: G

Summary: I don't own the characters. Logan thinks back on everything. Spoilers for all of season 1.


Logan Echolls was alone. Some famous philosopher had once said that no man was an island, but he had never met Logan Echolls, Logan was truly alone. His mother had killed herself, his father had fucked and murdered his girlfriend, his best friend was too drugged up on presecription healers to notice anything, his sister was a media whore and could care less where her “darling” little brother was, the girl he had called his girlfriend for less then a month had betrayed him and left him out to dry, and his precious Lily was gone, forever. He had wanted to jump off the bridge but for some reason Weevil hadn’t let him, he had pulled him down and told him to go sober up some place nice. Logan had started to walk, and later to think, and then to remember.

            He remembered the first time he had seen her, he was twelve and new to Neptune. His parents had decided it was the place to raise a child, especially for Hollywood A-Listers. He had seen her from his dad’s car when they had stopped for a photo op with the locals. Beautiful blonde braids streaming behind, white shorts, soccer socks, and a green jersey. She seemed almost too beautiful to be true. He had watched her for what felt like forever and then she was gone, vanished into the warm California air. He smiled at the memory, remembering the little boy that had fallen in love with the soccer player with the blonde braids.

            It wasn’t until years later that he had seen her again. She and Duncan Kane were said to be going out or on the way to going out and Logan was jealous. Duncan was his best friend, but still he had loved her first. Even though she was the best friend of Duncan’s sister he had never really been around her before, Lilly was a little obnoxious than Logan had the stomach to deal with. It was strange Logan had never been nervous around girls, but Veronica Mars was different, she made him feel strange and shy and just not good enough. He had to get to know her and he had to keep her and Duncan apart, but how, then it came to him, Lilly Kane. Sure she was pretty but Lilly was also loud and wild and annoying, the sister of his best friend and an unspoken no-no dating, but since when did Logan Echolls the only child of Aaron and Lynn Echolls ever follow the rules.

            At first he had just used Lilly to get near Veronica, even though anyone could see that she and Duncan were that quintessential couple that everyone can’t help but love. But then he got caught up in the force of life that was the dynamic Lilly Kane. She was a whirlwind, he never knew what she was going to say or do and he loved her for it. Even though they fought and spent almost as much time mad at each other as they did madly in love, he loved her, more then anyone.

            The feelings he had for Veronica had never faded and occasionally he would see in her that little girl in the blonde braids, but then it would fade or be overthrown by Lilly. He remembered once when they had all been at the Kane’s drinking and playing “Truth or Dare”, Lilly’s favorite. Lilly had dared him to kiss Veronica, she had always known about his dormant feelings for Veronica no matter how much he denied them or hid them from her. Being Logan Echolls he couldn’t very well resist a dare so he’d kissed her, softly. But he could tell that there was something there and that she felt it to. Duncan had gotten mad and stormed away. Lilly had waved it off and rolled her eyes, Veronica had quickly gotten up and ran after him, apologizing and trying to consoul him that it was just Truth or Dare. Logan rolled his eyes at Lilly and leaned in to kiss her, still tasting Veronica.

            When Lily died he had felt lost and he blamed himself and Veronica. She had told Lilly about Yolanda and if she hadn’t he would have been with Lilly, kept her away from Aaron. But most of all mad at himself for not loving Lilly enough. Not loving her enough to not kiss Yolanda and not loved her enough to forget about Veronica Mars. So he had lashed out, Veronica became the enemy, she had to be destroyed. Duncan had ended things, her father had been fired, her mother was gone, she was an outcast with no one. He had the upper hand, he was an 09er, the leader of the pack, no one shone brighter than Aaron Echoll’s only son. He could not help but hate his father, he beat him and cheated on his mother, and loved no one but himself, but at least he had given Logan something good, his popularity and thus his power within the walls of Neptune High.

            Then that day at the Camelot, Veronica had been in trouble and the hatred he had towards her that had been slowly fading, she had helped him try to find his mother after all, had crumbled and he became scared. Scared that he was going to lose someone else he loved, the girl he had loved first. But he had gotten there in time and she had kissed him, and then he had finally been able to kiss her like he had always wanted to, and that was the moment when he had been the most happy. Everything after that dimmed in comparison, the bathroom, the pool house, outside his house in the dark, everything. Even Lilly seemed to be fading. And then it had all come crashing down.

            She said she trusted him but at the first test of her trust she had betrayed him. He knew that she was cautious and that she didn’t give her trust to just anyone, but she had lied to him and thought he was capable of killing Lilly, of hurting his Lilly. Everyone he had ever loved had left him for dead, left him to wander alone through life, and for once Logan Echolls admitted that he needed someone. And it wasn’t just anyone he needed, there was only one person who could pull his little island to the shore and keep it close. He raised his fist to knock on her door, suddenly scared that she wouldn’t want to see him that she had forgotten about him. Logan Echolls didn’t get scared he silently reminded himself and knocked on the door. He waited and it slowly opened, and there she was bruised and battered, hair messy and her smile that of someone who had only just woken up.

"I was hoping it would be you." She whispered smiling up at him and in that moment he knew that everything would be okay, because he had finally found her, the girl he had loved first and she had been waiting for him all along.



Very nice.

Great use of established canon!



uhm.....i dont know. The story is cute...i mean i wish it would happen that way but for some reason i have a feeling it wont happen like that. Keep dreaming.

Re: ...

That Logan was at the door?