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We're On When Veronica Mars Isn't

A Veronica Mars Break/Hiatus Challenge Community

A VM-Haitus Fic Challenge Comm
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Welcome to Hoping It Was You!

Long, long ago (in the early summer of 2005), we were created to answer THE question. We had all latched on to this fabulous new show called Veronica Mars and as the season ended, Rob Thomas left us with cliffhanger. We had to know. Who was on the other side of that door??

And boy, did we have answers! Some were obviously not serious, some were excellent speculation – and a few were even right!! After that summer of fun, we thought it would be nice to keep this community active for those times when we had nothing to do but wait for new episodes.

As time has passed, we’ve had to sort of tweak the purpose of this community. Obviously, we now KNOW who Veronica had been hoping was at her door. But there is so much we still don’t know!! Basically, our purpose boils down to our journal header – “We’re On When Veronica Mars Isn’t”.

When the show is on mid-season hiatus or done for the season, expect to find us here – writing away at what we think will happen, should have happened or maybe just what we wish would happen.

Past Breaks:
* Master List for the Season One to Season Two Wait

* Master List for the Season Two to Season Three Wait


  1. No non-fic posts. There are lots of Veronica Mars communities for discussion and speculation. We are only interested in fics. If you’d like to introduce yourself, please do so at the start of your fic post. That being said, the mods might occasionally make Off Topic posts about the community. Yes, we are the only ones who can do this.

  2. All fics must be POST-Season 2. Now, that could be two seconds after the screen went to black or three months or even three years. The big thing - write that happens NEXT.

  3. All fics must be in one post ONLY. If you are adept at writing sagas, we are jealous - but also sort of cranky about having them here. No multi-part fics posted here please. Fics can be anywhere from 100 words (min) up to 5000 words (max).

  4. One fic per post please. We are using the memories to archive. This will make our lives easier.

  5. All Fics must be behind an LJ cut. Instructions for LJ cuts can be found here.

  6. All Fics must have a header outside the cut. The following is a sample header. Title, Rating, Pairings/Characters and Summary are MANDATORY.

  7. Title: The Title of Your Fic
    Rating: The Correct Rating of Your Fic (see below)
    Pairings/Characters: Veronica/Someone implies paired; Veronica, Someone implies non-paired
    Summary: A few sentences to give readers a hint what your piece is about.

    (optional header info)
    Crosses with: Required for Crossovers. List all non-VM fandoms
    Warnings: Please be smart about this. YOU know if your fic needs warnings.
    Author's Notes: Keep 'em brief but was this inspired by something? A gift for someone? Note it here.

  8. Ratings: Please use either the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system or the British Board of Film Classification's rating system. Just pick a system and using a rating. Inappropriately labeled or rated fics will be removed. No Exceptions.

  9. Fake LJ-cuts are welcome. Please use the required header, but feel free to direct people to your LJ.

  10. ’Ship bashing or trollish behavior will NOT be tolerated. You will be banned.

Affiliates: E-mail one of the mods if you run a Veronica Mars community and would like to be an affiliate. We would be glad to have you!

Community Mods: larinzia and empressvesica


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* Mars Investigations - The definitive site run by TWoP's VM forums regulars. Check out their links section.

* Kristen Bell Online - Gallery, Screen Captures and more!

* The Official Site